Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Zippers and Knits

I'm currently working on Vogue 8413 in a charcoal ponte roma knit I picked up at Joann's. The pattern calls for a regular zipper, but I prefer invisible zippers. I have an invisible zipper foot for my machine which makes insertion of invisible zippers incredibly easy--I mean, super easy! Plus, I think it looks much more RTW. I interfaced the seam allowance along the back, but don't think I got it quite wide enough because I ended up with some rippling along the zipper:

I used fusi knit and only cut it 5/8" wide--I think it should have been 3/4" wide to properly stabilize the seam. I'm happy with how well I lined up the waist seam...
...but the rippling just won't do. I'll have to rip it out. But not tonight. I'm getting tired. A tired girl with a seam ripper working on very dark fabric with very dark thread spells disaster!


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