Monday, April 27, 2009

Safety Glasses for Smocking?

Yes, safety glasses! Read on to see where they come in....

Here's the status of my daughter's First Communion dress (from a few days ago).

I blocked the bodice and traced around the bodice template (this dress has a full smocked bodice). It's a little hard to see the purple marker line in the second picture:

I then stitched on the markings--first with a straight stitch and next with a tiny zig-zag:

Here's where the safety glasses come in. Some of the pearls fall within the seam allowance. The directions say to outline the bodice before you start smocking and avoid applying beads in the seam allowance. I figured it was easier to just smocking the whole thing with beads and remove them later! I have a dedicated pair of needle nose pliers that I keep by my sewing machine. I used those to crush the glass seed beads that I wanted to remove. I actually felt pieces of bead hit the glasses a few times, so I was glad I opted for the safe route!

So the outline stitching is done and the extra beads are it's time to cut into it! This is often the hardest part for me because you cut up part of your work. Very carefully, cut just outside the stitching:

And you're left with this!

The last two photos show the waist stay attached on the inside on the bottom row of gathering stitches. A separate cummerbund with sashes will go over this on the outside.

OK--now I have to get to work! I have the day off work, and I told my daughter her dress would be done when she gets home from school. All I have left are the armhole bindings, hem, buttons and cummerbund/sash. Oh, and the veil....we have to make some type of headpiece yet.


Bunny said...

Marsha, this is just exquisite. I feel your pain. There is something about cutting out those armholes in the smocking that gets to me too. Wish I had something I could think of to do with those little bits.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

This smocking is awesome. Beautiful!

Julia said...

Beautiful!! Is this the dress that was on the front of SEw Beautiful magazine a while back only in blue dupioni silk? If not it is very similar. It was one of my favorites that I haven't gotten around to trying to copy. Where ever you came up with this pattern, it is unbelievable. What a great idea to use the pliers to crush the beads. Save the parts you cut off to make Christmas tree ornaments or to trim a purse for her first communion. I am so impressed with your talent!!! I am learning so much from reading your blog about smocking. I have lots to learn!

Tracy said...

This dress is georgeous! The smocking must take quite a long time. I would love to learn to do this, although there are no girls in my family.

Mama Iyad said...

so...beautiful....i like this dress

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